The Surprise CBD Effect

Earlier this week I bit the bullet and decided to purchase some CBD flower – the raw flower product that looks much like marijuana but is, as long as sold as a tea, legal. I had read much that suggested that flower is one of the best ways of getting CBD into the system. Unlike pills and potions, where much of the compound is unused and expelled, CBD flower if smoked or dry flower vaped enters the body extremely efficiently and works its magic. 

In my experience, regular CBD is a slow game. It takes its time for the cannabinoid to work its magic. If one is taking CBD for stress, anxiety, depression or another of its beneficial effects on the mind, the patient wants this animal to work as quickly as possible. That is at least how I like my medication to work. So it was with a rather sceptical mind that I purchased said flower.

I stopped smoking regular weed about ten years ago as I didn’t like how it made me feel. The awkwardness, mild paranoia and dare I say anxiety seemed at odds with something that I initially took for fun. Many years passed until last year when my partner noticed – on the very rare occasions that I might have a passing puff on a joint at a party – how I seemed much calmer and less anxious. The trouble is I don’t smoke anymore. I just can’t really get the smoke into my lungs as it hurts and frankly makes me feel really rotten afterwards. I had however had a little experience of dry herb vapes, so this seemed the perfect solution. Vaping essentially cooks off the oil, terpenes, moisture in the bud without burning it. In this manner, it reduces the number of nasties one inhales, but more importantly only the good stuff gets into the system.

Since the end of last year, I have been vaping regular weed and it has been really effective in dealing with anxiety and stress. The only drawback is I can’t drive or indeed perform anything on a working level as my mind is too distracted. It’s frustrating as I have stopped taking prescription drugs because of how effective weed has been. It just means that I have to wait until the evening to get high and find calmness. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but not the end of the world. It was this however that prompted me to consider vaping CBD flower as an alternative.

24 hours after ordering the flower, it arrived. I can’t deny I was excited. I went in with an open mind but I also didn’t want to be too disappointed. I knew I wasn’t going to be floating on a cloud of THC – the psychoactive compound in regular weed – so how would I feel, if anything at all? 

I opened the airtight oversized sized baggie and inside were a bunch of small tight buds. I had decided to purchase what the vendor called shake. This product was made up of all the small buds that were too small to sell as the main product. I was expecting a bag of dust, so this came as a welcome surprise. I also was overwhelmed but such a familiar smell. To anyone that smoked weed before skunk became the norm, then this will be familiar territory. As I recall, back in the day, this would have been called African bush. It is very dry but not so dry that it falls apart. Once ground up it is the perfect consistency for vaping. Fine, fluffy, not too sticky, but also no to dusty, and in the vape it draws perfectly with a slightly floral, pineapple smell/taste.

Dry herb vaping, in my experience, is very different than smoking it. The hit from smoking is usually immediate and quite intense – depending on the variety of product. Vaping is a much more ‘slow burn’ experience. I knew I would have to wait a short while, so after vaping a full bowl, I sat down on the sofa and took some deep breaths. It was about five minutes later that the CBD began to show itself. It felt like a warm glow slowly rising from my chest and into my head. I could feel my ear getting warm and the top of my head softening…..and then the calm. I had had quite a busy day, and although not stressed, I had been buzzing. Within ten minutes I was utterly relaxed. I had to lie down as the feeling was so blissful. 

I mentioned how this product reminded me of African bush, well, aside from the lack of ‘stonedness’, this feeling was definitely familiar. It kinda reminds one that prior to skunk and its ilk, CBD in marijuana used to be much more apparent. The years have passed and THC has definitely become the popular compound, but CBD really shouldn’t be ignored. If for no other reason than it really does calm without any of the psychoactive issues that THC brings to the table. Needless to say after my first try of CBD I felt well and truly medicated, but utterly able to continue as normal. It does make one feel drowsy, so I can see this being the perfect assistant to sleeping disorders, but above all, it is utterly calming, chills the anxiety to almost neutral and makes everything rather bearable. I still like the stoned effects of marijuana, but I think I may have found a new bedfellow for my condition.

One point I have omitted from this review is that with postage the cost of 5 grammes of shake with postage came to just under £25. This is staggeringly good value for money, and for anyone wanting to try out this version of taking CBD, I cannot recommend it more highly

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