A Journey into Mind and Soul

I am not a natural writer. I don’t profess to be able to offer exciting prose that takes you to faraway lands and remove you from the chaos of modern life. I do however want to take you,  ‘the reader’ on a journey of alternative healing that considers physical and chemical treatments that hopefully assist you along your way. 

We are at a turning point in our medical history. Recent evidence shows that supposedly tried and tested studies of pharma grade drugs are not actually tried and tested. They’re not even tested. Not to the degree that you would expect; and that lobbying by big pharmaceutical companies actually forces through drugs that could potentially be dangerous to a percentage of the population. Case in point are statins, the variety of drug that reduces cholesterol. This very drug has been thrown out on an unassuming global population as a wonder panacea for those with serious cholesterol issues. For sure, there are many that can attribute their newfound good health to the statin, but what of those that statins have a negative effect? The figure for these patients is at best vague, but independent sources would suggest that it is far from a drug without a myriad of potentially debilitating side effects. The patient’s doctor will undoubtedly suggest a different statin, or maybe the same statin but at a lower dosage? How about not offering a statin at all, but rather a new regime on health? Maybe a new diet? Maybe some exercise? My point is that the drug or the current approach isn’t necessarily the answer. Maybe the answer comes from elsewhere. A different strategy or maybe just a consideration that puts your health in the driving seat and not some amoral corporate pharmacology company.

This blog is my attempt at opening a dialogue with you, the reader, on how to square the circle, to look and question conventional thinking, but most importantly an alternative look at how we control and regulate the medicinal practices that govern our modern life. I want to look at yoga and exercise in general, therapy/counselling, mindfulness, micro-dosing of THC/CBD/LSD/DMT and anything else that may trigger a consideration. Above and beyond,  I want this blog to be an honest and earnest look at how we treat ourselves for mental health conditions and more importantly, how well do they work and what else is available but not allowed to sit at the table?

I suffer from the blues and a frustrating level of anxiety. I have been able to hide this and exist in a state of elevated tension for years, but it is only in the last year or so that I had reached a point where I genuinely felt like I was moving on, slowly and with a truckload of bumps to slow the pace. I am not unique, as there are so many of you out there that wish to exist outside this cluster of mental and social mayhem, and for you, I offer this sanctuary, where you can discuss your needs, desires and frustrations, and look for solutions.

I am not qualified, I am not a quack, I just want to open a dialogue for those that have spent years, maybe decades looking for help. Hopefully, the links, articles and discussions held within will help you move forward in this crazy maelstrom we call life.

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